Learning about your Ayurvedic body type, or dosha, is essential to knowing what kinds of foods balance your physical and mental constitution.Balancing your dosha is key to boosting your immune system and preventing toxins from undigested food. Ama, defined as the root cause of all disease is caused by undigested toxins in the body.The Vata dosha is governed by the elements of air and ether, and corresponds to the fall season.The best foods for Vata are those that are sweet, sour and salty in their flavor and qualities. People with a Vata imbalance have a compromised digestive system making them prone to constipation, bloating or gas. Foods that have the qualities of being dense, heavy and oily are good for Vata doshas, as they aid digestion. Avoid super spicy foods or dry foods such as crackers, popcorn or dried fruits as they can cause gases, bloating and constipation.A few ingredients to favor during Vata season are: • root vegetables• soups• salmon• lemon juice• cinnamon• cardamom• clove• coconut oil• ghee• avocados• mung dal• quinoa• rice• stewed or cooked fruits. Examples of Vata pacifying foods on our menu are: • Bone Broth• Cream of Broccoli Soup• Squash Moqueca Soup• Ginger Meal Starter• Probiotic Plate• Warm Keto Avocado Collard Salad• Salmon Ceviche• Farm to Table Tacos• Kale Pizza• Curried Kitchari Bowl• Macrobiotic Bowl• Vegan Sweet Potato Waffles• Quinoa Tamal Bowl• Avocado Collard Bowl• Turmeric Energy Bites• Raw Brownie Bites• Mesquite Chocolate Chip Cookies