Learning about your Ayurvedic body type, or dosha, is essential to knowing what kinds of foods balance your physical and mental constitution.Balancing your dosha is key to boosting your immune system and preventing toxins from undigested food. Ama, defined as the root cause of all disease is caused by undigested toxins in the body.The Kapha dosha is governed by the elements of water and earth, and corresponds to the winter and spring seasons.The best foods for Kapha are those that lighten the body and reduce water retention and or the accumulation of mucous. Focus on foods that have the qualities of being bitter, astringent and pungent.

A few ingredients to favor during Kapha season are:• ginger• black pepper• pippali• curry• beans (sprout for better digestion)• turmeric• cabbage• broccoli• cauliflower• all herbs• all dark leafy greens

Examples of Kapha pacifying foods on our menu are: • Ginger Meal Starter• Wellness Shots• Zanzibar Coffee• Probiotic Plate• Squash Moqueca Soup• Cream of Broccoli Soup• Curried Kitchari Bowl• Macrobiotic Bowl• Winter Kale Pizza• Collard Tacos• Persian Salad• Breakfast Pizza• Turmeric Energy Bites• Keto Collard Salad