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At Pharm Table, we utilize space-saving and efficient kitchen tools to make unique dishes you can’t find anywhere else!

Maybe you’ve taken our Vegan Cooking 101 class or tried the delicious food in our cafe. If you want to learn more about cooking according to the Pharm Table Food Philosophy, this list of helpful kitchen tools is essential to help you get jump-started. 

Microplane: A hand-held grater used to grate ginger and turmeric.

Veggie peelers: used to peel ginger, turmeric and the skins of beets

Where to find it: Ace Mart or other kitchen utensil suppliers

Spiralizer: Great for veggie noodles as a gluten-free alternative to pasta or for gorgeous presentation. We use it for our beet noodle recipe.

Vitamix: A high powered blender used to make dressings, smoothies, soups and other purees. You can buy them new or refurbished or an older model for quite a significant price drop. Vitamix blenders are suited for high-volume, commercial use because they have a a motor that will not overheat or give out.

The Ninja: A much cheaper blender with great ratings. Perfect for home kitchens where use and volume of food is less intensive.

Thermomix: We use a Thermomix to make our Avocado Chocolate Mousse, carrot chia hummus, dressings, and dessert bites. They are newly available in the US. Although payment plans are available, a new machine requires a lot of time and money. 

Where to find it: Short of traveling to Mexico, Ebay listings are your best bet for an affordable unit.

Food processor: A food processor can also make the purees and avocado mousse that we make in our classes and the cafe! Despite a slightly longer prep time, it is super affordable comparatively.

Pressure cooker: Pressure cookers are perfect for fast, compact cooking. We use them for cooking our kitchari dishes, steaming local veggies, slow-cooking our organic, grass-fed meats and steeping refreshing, anti-inflammatory teas.

Instant Pot: A compact, programmable pressure cooker. It’s a Pharm Table staff favorite for home use.

Where to find it: HEB, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond

Rice cooker: In addition to quickly cooking rice, this gadget can be used to steam vegetables used in purees and kitchari. It’s also great for pasta, other grains and super-seeds like quinoa.

Induction Burner: When you have limited or no stovetop space, an induction burner is essential for blooming and sauteing spices for lentils in kitchari, melting ghee, or heating up soups and other liquids. If you have a kitchen with a stovetop, this tool is optional. 

Chinois strainer: A finely meshed strainer used to strain tea, shots, juices and more.

Steamer Basket: We use these for steaming all root vegetables in the pressure cooker.