Change of Seasons

Summer is San Antonio’s most aggressive season of the year. In the months leading up to summer, cleansing helps to prepare the body for the harsh heat of Pitta season. As we enter the fall season, our bodies need a purging from the toxins built up over the summer months.  If you feel sluggish, out of rhythm or with a compromised immune system, you should consider adding Ayurvedic cleansing to your health and wellness tool box . Cleansing with mono diet principles throughout the year is a safe and effective form of preventative health care.

What is a mono diet?

A mono diet is a method of plant based fasting practiced in India for more than five thousand years. The body is fed a combination of grains and soft, sprouted or split legumes designed to nourish the body and rest the digestive system. Ghee is the preferred fat for blooming the spices for the kitchari, the principal component of the mono diet. This might seems contradictory given the entirely plant based and vegan approach but ghee is a digestive superfood. (more on ghee later).

How does a mono diet work?

By providing the body complete amino proteins through the combination of a grain and soft lentils, the body is nourished receiving fiber and protein. While the body needs fat in order to survive, the mono diet approach to fasting forces the body to seek out stores of fat and consume them (along with stored toxins).

Ghee is a clarified butter that is cholesterol free and lactose free. It has been used in India for the purposes of cleansing and nourishing the body for millennia. The kitchari in your cleanse package is prepared with home made ghee and it is a very effective conduit for removing toxins while nourishing the digestive tract.